2018 New Year, New You​

Happy New Year everyone!!
 As sad as it sounds, nothing says Happy New Year like empty promises to keep the resolutions that we made or to reflect on the previous year, am I    right? However, I  vote that we do things a little bit different this year. Instead of focusing on the person

fullsizeoutput_5e9that you weren’t in 2017 or making resolutions you know you aren’t going to keep, I want you to answer one question? Who am I  going to be in 2018?

This sounds like a trick question I know, but I promise it isn’t. We focus so much on the who we should be and try to be a perfect person. Let me tell you, no one is perfect nor were we meant to be.  So, instead of making the long list of things that you are going to do this year that won’t really happen, focus on who you are going to be this year. What are you going to do to make this year the best year for you? That sounds selfish I know, but sometimes we need to focus on ourselves, and if you really think about it, all those resolutions that you plan on making might fall into place on their own as your focus on being your best self.
For some of us, we aren’t confident enough in who we are. We look down on ourselves or don’t give ourselves enough credit for our talents. That’s my goal this year is to be confident in who I  am and the talents that I  have. I  am a writer, and I have been pushing that on the backburner for way too long, so for my 2018, I am going to make my writing my primary focus. Writing for me is like coffee, if I don’t get it, I don’t function. 2017 was a year of focusing on things that didn’t make me happy. As a result, I stressed myself out for nothing, and mostly because I  wasn’t writing.
The problem isn’t in making a million resolutions, it’s in the fact that we ask for validation from everyone else to be a better person or to try to be a better person. Let me tell you something right now. NO ONE ELSE’S OPINION MATTERS! Your opinion is the only one that you should care about. If you want to change then you do it for yourself; not for your family, not for your friends, hell not even for your dog. CHANGE FOR YOU. You are the only person that matters when it comes to change.
In this upcoming year ask yourself who are you going to be? Who do I want to be that I wasn’t in 2017? Before you know it, you will be making changes that you have wanted all along. Again Happy New Year and all best wishes on everyone’s new adventures!
Until next time,

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