Confidence Mask

In my New Years post, I talked about how I am going to work on my confidence. It is sad to think that too many of us hide under what I like to call the “confidence mask.” It is the mask that we put on for people to show that we are confident when we really aren’t. We all wear masks to hide who we truly are at some point in our lives, but I think the “confidence mask” is the biggest one.
Can I  tell you guys a secret? I wear my “confidence mask” way too much, it is like wearing make up every day. There are moments when my mask is a part of my real self-confidence but more times then not I hide behind that mask. Now I could give a million excuses as to why I am not confident, but the reality of it is, I am just not that confident in myself, and I want to change that.
One of my biggest struggles with being confident is in my writing. I have never felt confident in sharing my writing, but this year I decided that I wanted to have my writing shared whether people liked it or cared for it. I want to be confident in who I am as a writer, and that means being willing to share my writing with the world.
What are some things that you guys aren’t confident about that you hide behind a mask for? I know for girls there can be a million things that we hide behind because we want to be that perfect girl that the world expects us to be. Don’t be afraid to be who you are! You are who you are, and there are people just like you out there, but if you hide your true self, you are never going to know or connect with those people.

IMG_0869This is an extreme example but here is a picture from this past Halloween after I took off half of the makeup off of my face. The difference between my face and the makeup still on my face is kind of frightening, but it’s a perfect example of how much we sometimes hide behind masks.


Everyone wants to get to know the real you not the person you are behind the mask. So if there is anything worth working on this year, it is to be confident in yourself. Take pictures of yourself every day and find something beautiful about yourself. Find those people in your life that make you feel confident, whatever it is take off the mask and be confident in who you are because you are an incredible human being.



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