Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Dance [through life]

“When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step of the way.”
This quote comes from American philosopher Wayne Dyer. When you really think about it, we put way too much focus on that “certain place on the floor.” We feel the constant need to be moving towards a destination. We forget to enjoy the steps of just going with the flow or just enjoy life as it comes at us. We focus too much on keeping to the path we want and when things don’t go our way we fall apart.
I recently had some events come up that made it so I  couldn’t attend school this upcoming spring semester.  I was pissed and blamed the school for not giving me enough notice. I was mad at everyone when I should have been upset with myself, or in the better situation found the positive in taking a semester off. Even though I  am not able to attend school this semester, I was given the chance to focus on my writing and focus on becoming a better me.
Like dancing we are given a choice to focus on the technicalities and focus on trying to be perfect, or, we can choose to have fun and not care about whether or not we are perfect. The choice is ultimately ours, and the same applies to our life when we are thrown a curve ball or expect life to go as we plan. I tend to be that dancer who focuses too much on the technicality of everything and when things don’t go my way I kind of freak out. This year I have tried as I work on myself to work on just letting things go and to keep dancing.
So, if anything dance like nobody’s watching because it really doesn’t matter as long as you are having fun and enjoying life!

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