Why Being Human

I feel like I have started writing posts without really giving anyone an idea as to why I am writing this blog. One of the things that got me into writing was my fascination of what makes us so unique as humans.


We are one of the only species on this earth to evolve and to advance. If you are to look at it scientific side of evolution, we are the dominant species and have that right to rule over this earth. If you are to look at it from a religious observation; we were put here by a divine being and given the tools to rule over this world. Whatever it is we believe we are still the most unique species on this planet.


Though we may all share the same genetic make-up that makes us human, we couldn’t be more different. There are more than hundreds of cultures both now and in the past. We are different skin colors, we love to dance, to sing, to draw, to discover. We create, and we destroy. I write about who we are as humans and what makes us unique, what I believe makes us unique.


I don’t have to continuously travel the world to learn about different cultures, as great as that first-hand experience would be. I have history and connections that that in today’s society gives me access to so much! I love learning about human existence and what we have done and soon hope to achieve as we push forward. I write about the good and the bad because that bad also makes us unique not just the good.


So here is to being human.


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