In the Big City

I just returned from being in Seattle this past week, and even though I have been in my fair share of big cities, Seattle is different from every single one of those other cities I have been to. I don’t think you can get anywhere close to having the same people or culture in each city. I come from Utah where the biggest cities we have are Salt Lake City and Ogden. Those are the only cities where you will find skyscrapers. The funny thing about them is that they are nothing like the skyscrapers you will see in New York or any other big city. Our skyscrapers are miniatures in comparison.

Sorry, I’m rambling. I was in Seattle for four days, and despite the short amount of time I got to see so much and learn from the city, and it’s people. Known for Pike’s Place Market, you can find an open food market full of fruits and other foods along with a farmers market for vendors to sell their wares. All of this is on the waterfront which you don’t find very often in other cities. On top of the market, there are hundreds of restaurants, cafes, and shops for blocks!

We have tried fantastic seafood from Pike’s Place Chowder where the line is literally out the door from the moment you open to wonderfully exquisite seafood at Salty’s just across the waterway that overlooks all of Seattle. We hit SAM or the Seattle Art Museum which had its fair share of the weird world of art. Granted most of the art museums I have been to were in Europe. By far though the Chihuly Glass Art and Garden Museum were my favorite. There is nothing better than looking at sculpture, but when it is made of glass it is even more beautiful!

Overall, Seattle was a great place to visit, especially for the food and the people. It is so strange that you can go hundreds to thousands of miles away to a different city, state, or even country and the people and culture are so different. Seattle is a very “green” state in comparison to Utah, but that is what makes it so unique! As much as I loved being in Seattle, I don’t think it is a place I could ever call home. I’m not a big city gal. It is definitely worth visiting again though!


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