“Finding” Yourself

We have all been told at some point in our lives when we will find ourselves. Hundreds of inspirational quotes show you how you can “find” yourself. People say you that your twenties or the college years are the perfect time to, again, “find” yourself.  I don’t know about the rest of you guys but I’m coming up on my mid-twenties, and I still feel like I have no idea who I am.

Okay, so how do I combat this? How can I find myself and be happy with who I am? I could read hundreds of books or websites on how to live my best self. I could follow the latest fads for my “millennial” age. The list goes on and on. How do I know which way is the right way? My secret? I don’t have one, because I am never going to honestly know myself while I’m living. Why? Who I am now is not going to be the same person twenty years from now, hell, not even one year from now.

Have I lost you yet? I know I sound crazy, but when you really think about it we are always changing, sometimes it is for the worse and others it is for the better. So, why all this preaching about finding yourself, especially for those of us who are college-aged?

The world wants us to have ourselves figured out before we enter our career fields, not to be like the college freshmen who don’t know what the hell they’re doing. Truth is, you aren’t going to have it all put together by the time you enter your career. You are going to have students loans you are going to have to pay off, you need to start thinking of a healthier diet besides Ramen, and you might want to start thinking about looking to get a house.  The list goes on and on.

Instead of focusing so hard on trying to have your life completely figured out and know who you truly are, which you won’t, take the time to enjoy where you are now in life, wherever that may be. Some of you may be finishing college and getting ready to start your careers, others of you are starting families, traveling, whatever it is just be happy. You don’t need to know who you are completely because you are going to change so much within the next year.

Be content with who you are NOW. You have come so far to become the person you are now, and you should be so proud of that. The problem with trying to find yourself is that you focus on those things you haven’t achieved or that your life is lacking. Why put a negative spin on life when you have so much positivity in your life?  So forget all the millions of “finding” yourself quotes and advice, you don’t need them. You are who you are NOW, and that is something worth celebrating.


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