Never Been Good with Goodbye

I have never been one for goodbye, not of any kind to be quite honest. They make me super emotional, as I’m sure they do everyone. I’m not just talking about the goodbyes of losing friends or what we typically see. I am talking about all the goodbyes that we face every day. The goodbyes of situations, friends, family, our pets, etc. We go through goodbyes almost every day of our lives. I have never been good at any of them. Some I am definitely more emotional about than others.

Today I had to put one of my best friends down. He was the sweetest dog, even though he could be a little grumpy a lot of the time. He liked things a certain way but we understood each other. So last night I held him as tight as I could telling him I loved him then this morning as my mom took him away I couldn’t keep from crying. Now I am sitting with my other best friend. She is cuddled next to me, and I don’t think she quite knows that her best friend isn’t coming home. I can only imagine her heartbreaking when she realizes that he isn’t coming back and it makes my heart hurt even more.

That is my trouble with goodbyes. I put myself in other people’s shoes on top of my own and try to feel what they will feel making me feel even worse. The only upside is that I know what other people are feeling when it comes to goodbyes, it still sucks though.

I guess all I am trying to say is to not take goodbyes for granted, you never know if it will be the last goodbye you say. Make them count no matter how hard it is. The pain sucks I know, but that means that relationship meant something to you and that counts for everything. It is a part of the human experience. It is a part of being human.


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