Goal Setting: Starting off Small

You know when you tell yourself that you are going to set a goal and stick with it until the end, but then it actually never happens? You get a week in or even a couple months, and then everything just peters out. We have all been there, and it gets frustrating not only because we are fed up with not meeting our goals, but we get fed up with ourselves and the vicious cycle we find ourselves in. For example, we all make New Year’s resolution, but how many of them are just half-hearted goals because we know that we won’t actually go after those goals? I know I do.

So how do we get out of this rut that we find ourselves in, not just when the New Year rolls around but also every day of our lives? How do we find the energy to keep moving forward? Here are some things that I have found that help me. (Disclaimer: what may work for me not always work for you, so try different things out).


Morning Routines

Having a morning routine is the KEY part of having a successful day!  If you do not set a routine, then the rest of your day tends to fall apart pretty fast. This is different for everyone and what works for you might not work for me. Here is what I do for my morning routine.

  1. Open my blinds/turn my fan off (My AC doesn’t work well at night, so I use a fan to keep me cold).
  2. Drink a glass of water
  3. Meditation and workout
    • For me, I have to meditate both before and after a workout. I do my morning wake up meditation that gets me going for my workout and then I do a cooldown meditation. (Primed Mind is an excellent guided meditation app for any interested).
  4. Tidy my room
    • If you know me, I like to make sure that my room is tidy, especially when it comes to having a clean workspace. It may not always be neat, but I try my best.
  5. Breakfast
    • Having breakfast is one of the MOST important meals of the day. Yeah, yeah, people have told you that since you were a child, but it is true! Breakfast jump starts your metabolism and makes it, so you aren’t so hungry throughout the day.
  6. Plan your day out
    • Some people like to write this down, others are okay with merely making a mental note. I do a combination of both. If its something essential that I need to remember to do that day then I will write on my whiteboard in my room, if not then I make a mental note.


That is a pretty basic plan of what I try to do each morning. Notice how I said try. I am not perfect, and neither are you. You are going to have your bad days, and you aren’t going to follow your routine by the book every day. Life gets in the way, and things come up. Don’t let that stop you. If you didn’t have a chance to get your morning workout in because you were sick one day or woke up late, make it up later in the day or when you are feeling better. Yes, consistency is everything in creating good habits, but we aren’t robots. As long as you are happy with the way your day is going and you don’t feel sidetracked by every little thing, then that is progress.

It is better to start with a smaller goal, like the morning routine, try it for a week before adding another life concept that you want to work on. It takes time, and you are going to fail. You may try one thing, and it may not work, and that is okay! At least now you know that concept or method doesn’t work and you can find something that does. No matter what keep trying until you find the routines that work or achieve the goals you are going after.

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