Don’t Get Too Discouraged

When you are a creative individual you tend to go through ruts where you feel like you aren’t creating anything or don’t feel like your work is worth working on. We all go through this and for me, it was about a year of half started projects where I had no desire to continue working. I watched as my fiance at the time and then-husband continued to furiously work on his book. I couldn’t find the same vigor to go after my writing as he was. I felt that there were more important things to work on or to stress about. I completely forgot that writing is my outlet to all my frustrations!

I finally decided halfway through May that I needed to make some changes. I slowly began writing in an inspiration journal that gave me quotes and a prompt to think about. It was a tiny journal with barely a quarter page to write on, but it was enough to get me writing. As I wrote in this journal I found that there were days when I would work on two or three prompts because I wanted to continue writing. There were also days where I could barely fill the page I was given, but at least I was writing!

It was a painful process and after a long month of fighting on whether or not I should continue pursuing my writing and art. I finally hit a breakthrough last night. I had what felt like a million ideas running through my head and I was hyper off this creative energy I hadn’t felt in a long time! I stayed up late making changes to my site, adding social media accounts, writing ideas down, taking some time to write with my husband so he didn’t feel too left out.

My point I am trying to make with all of this is that you don’t need to get discouraged when you hit a rut in your creative process. It happens to all of us. Sometimes the stresses of life are what we need to focus on at that time rather than our writing. I still have a million stresses that I need to deal with but I have come to terms that those will work out with time and that I can still work on my writing at the same time.  We shouldn’t be punishing our creative selves when our life isn’t going according to plan. That is just how life is! It doesn’t matter how much planning we do something will always go wrong or simply in a different direction.

If you feel like you are in a rut start out small like what I did. You don’t have to go out and buy an inspiration journal, just find something that you can work on a little each day to help you push through the rut. This doesn’t just go for your creative endeavors either though, this can be for anything in your life, whether it is working out, starting a new hobby, experiencing new adventures, whatever you want it to be! Take your time and don’t get too discouraged. It will all work out in the end.

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