Traffic of Somewhere or Nowhere?

We have all been stuck in traffic at some point in our lives. For some of us it is worse depending on where we are living, but despite that, we all get stuck in traffic. Many times it is in the stop and go on the highway as we head to or from work. For others it is getting stuck in the traffic of a busy city. The question I wish to pose today is whether we are stuck in traffic as we go somewhere or nowhere?

You are probably thinking that I’m crazy because when we get stuck in traffic, we are almost always going somewhere. I know that, but I want us to take a more in-depth look at where we are going in life. When stuck in traffic, we are usually heading towards work or some other important appointment for our lives. How many of us want to be in those millions of appointments or sitting at our desk for hours at a job we don’t like.

I think there are times in our life when we are stuck in the traffic between somewhere and nowhere. We get caught up with having a job to pay the bills, but it isn’t a job we love or filling our life with social appointments just to make it seem like we are busy. We get burnt out, and after a while, we get stuck not going anywhere. We are unhappy with where we are and what we are doing in our lives, but we don’t take enough action to make the change, so we are going somewhere rather than nowhere.

How do we make this change when we need to be responsible adults and provide for ourselves and our families. It’s hard to make those changes and at times terrifying because you don’t know what lies on the other side of that road to somewhere. I can guarantee though more times than not, that road to somewhere will make you some much more happy than that road to nowhere. You can start off small. It doesn’t have to be something as drastic as quitting your job because you have hated it since day one.

What were the hobbies you enjoyed as a child or even before you became so preoccupied with other things in your life? Take the time in your busy schedule to do those things that you love to do, whether that is hiking, painting, etc. Yes, you are busy, but you are never to busy to do those things you love. If you genuinely love them, then you will make time for them no matter what.

As you start to make the little changes in your life, you will be happier with your life. Those things you love are what make us so unique and driven in this world. It takes courage to take chances that might not work out, but they at least take you somewhere. It’s easy to stay in that 9-5 job for the rest of your life and tell yourself that you will get to those hobbies after you retire. That is years from now, and you never know what will happen and if you will even be able to do those things at an old age. It is better to continually do those things you love, to break up the monotony of life.  If you aren’t in the job, you like then take the time to find that job that you have always really wanted to do. If that means working two jobs to pay the bills, then that is better then not doing what you love because you have to stay at a 9-5 job.

Taking those risks is scary. It is easier to take the road more traveled, but it is more adventurous to take the road less traveled.

In Memorium

It’s Memorial Day, and for a lot of us that is a day off work and having BBQs with family and friends. At least that is what it has turned into as of late. Don’t get me wrong I definitely feel like there are those people that commemorate those who have served this country, but I think more times then not we tend to forget the true meaning of Memorial Day.  I’m not saying it is a massive holiday like Christmas, but I still think there is a certain reverence that should be acknowledged for those who served and are continually servicing this country. Men and women are risking their lives to protect what America stands for, even if sometimes that is on the fence as of late. Despite that, those people are fighting/fought for the freedom we have today, and rather than having burgers and beers I think we should take a moment to give a shout out to those fine men and women.

Now I don’t have many family or friends that served in the military or political office, but I do have some. So, today I want to thank them for the service they have done and continue to do for not only me but for the American people. I want to thank those who risked their lives to protect this country even if what we are fighting for brings mixed emotions.



You may not agree with what we are fighting for or what our political figures are doing for this country, but they still deserve our respect. They are trying their best to create and maintain the home that we have. I know it is hard especially if you don’t agree with it one hundred percent, but that doesn’t give us the right to not be thankful for those who fight for this country every day.

Here are to the men and women who fought for this country and for those who are still fighting for this country today. We thank you for your service.

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